Rambling 2020

So COVID happened, quit my job just before it hit the UK thinking I could get a job, in what I can only call Perfectâ„¢ timing.

Haven’t made much of anything, I started working on some projects for a portfolio so I can try and get a job in software dev.

Fun learning a new library/framework though, React does seem good to use, beforehand I didn’t really see the point in using it but after building something with it I can definitely see the advantages. Definitely seeing things I can replace pure javascript with React for ease of use.

Although cos of covid I’ve been kinda dragging my heels with it, but it’s been fun seeing something come from nothing which is why I enjoy development

So that’s what I’ll be doing for now, when it’s done it’ll probably go up on here under a sub domain, fun fun fun fun.

Creative Block?

Sorta feel lost creatively.

I don’t know if it’s burn out or what but I don’t feel excited about the project I’m working on.

I did want to try a 2 month cycle of developing a base game for 1 month and then polishing it up for 1 month, like I did with the space war game, that seemed to go well.

I’m working on an RTS because I always try to make one then give up as soon as the slightest roadblock hits, usually that’s trying to figure out how the hell fog of war is supposed to work.

But so far things are going well, path finding is working, units can be spawned and can move, the map is sorta ridiculously huge right now. 1024×1024 tiles of 24×24 each.

I’ve got a long way to go to getting this thing even remotely playable, think AI is going to be a nightmare since I have to think of different behaviours it would need to follow. Probably the classic three, Ultra-aggressive, Ultra-Defensive and Balanced .