Space Wars

So a while ago I made a game in Java, called Space War.
It’s turn based, you select your actions (all shields? all weapons? mixture? heal?), then the AI does, then it plays out.

Well to be honest with you it would probably work better as a multiplayer game, but multiplayer is annoying to code so, not yet.

Well it’s sorta the most polished thing I’ve done in a long time. But since Java getting a little antiquated for games, in my opinion (Don’t @ me)

So I started using Godot (gud doe? go dot? Whatever.) So far so good, I can do stuff in it that I couldn’t do/didn’t think about in Java, like making the planets a random colour on start.

You’d think with all the assets made and basically having to copy the mechanics over that it would be fast.


Sorta losing motivation to complete it for reasons that I have no idea about. Not sure, but I’m hoping to put it out there when it’s done, hopefully someone will play it and i’ll get some nice feedback

Screenshot above is what the main part looks like so far, In future I’ll probably write something so only complimentary colours go with each other, since right now it’s possible to have two entirely similar colours.

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