Retro Space Command

So I made another game, quite a while ago now but I never wrote about it. I decided after making the same boilerplate code for a HTML5/Canvas game for the millionth time that I’ll actually make something.

I also made a retro looking TV screen, which I thought was cool, so I decided to make a retro looking space exploration game.

I kinda made it, well, tried to make it look like a old CRT TV with the scan lines and everything, not sure how well that turned out but I’m happy with the end result.

I’ve uploaded it to, if you want to play, controls are WASD cos arrow keys make the page move.

It started out with just planets in a sort of endless exploration game, I did have a bunch of trouble getting the planets to spawn right, so they wouldn’t be too close to each other, which sounds not hard at all, just check around the x and y positions for another planet and boom, but for some reason I could not get it to work for a while.

After that I decided to add fuel stations and a fuel system that would run out and end the game, the fuel stations are placed randomly around the map. With that I decided to call it done and ship it, by which I mean upload it to Itch.

Then I decided it wasn’t done, so I added a bunch of mines that would spin in place and make the player explode it they hit it, adding another loss condition.

I decided to add another thing, which was just telling the player they’ve won if they managed to discover every single planet in the game, which you know, would make you a sadist.

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