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Rambling 2020 0

Rambling 2020

So COVID happened, quit my job just before it hit the UK thinking I could get a job, in what I can only call Perfectâ„¢ timing. Haven’t made much of anything, I started working...


Retro Space Command

So I made another game, quite a while ago now but I never wrote about it. I decided after making the same boilerplate code for a HTML5/Canvas game for the millionth time that I’ll...

Space Wars 0

Space Wars

So a while ago I made a game in Java, called Space War. It’s turn based, you select your actions (all shields? all weapons? mixture? heal?), then the AI does, then it plays out....

No block 0

No block

I think making remaking asteroids broke the block, seems like I can actually think about this stuff without a sort of fog surrounding me on what to do. I think next time I’m having...

Creative Block? 0

Creative Block?

Sorta feel lost creatively. I don’t know if it’s burn out or what but I don’t feel excited about the project I’m working on. I did want to try a 2 month cycle of...

New Website 0

New Website

So I have a website now, I’m not entirely sure what I’ll be doing with it. I’ll be writing about the stuff I’m making in Java and link to the download pages on