Been a while, not that anyone reads this

So it’s been a while.

I’ve sorta had a mental block on thinking of stuff I actually want to make, which sorta turned me off doing any sort of programming or game dev for a while

So I’ve tried to get inspiration watching YouTube videos of other peoples projects hoping it’ll give me some sort of inspiration.

I’ve started playing with Godot, which so far seems like a great engine, weirdly enough I always thought it was just a bunch of C++ Libraries for some reason, not entirely sure why since I’ve never heard much about it until now, guess I just decided in my head that it was.

So I’m just following some tutorials right now about how to actually use Godot, seems to have a python-clone library which is handy since I’ve been making some small stuff in Python since Java is really starting to age badly since the whole “no more applet’s” thing

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