Rambling 2020

So COVID happened, quit my job just before it hit the UK thinking I could get a job, in what I can only call Perfectâ„¢ timing.

Haven’t made much of anything, I started working on some projects for a portfolio so I can try and get a job in software dev.

Fun learning a new library/framework though, React does seem good to use, beforehand I didn’t really see the point in using it but after building something with it I can definitely see the advantages. Definitely seeing things I can replace pure javascript with React for ease of use.

Although cos of covid I’ve been kinda dragging my heels with it, but it’s been fun seeing something come from nothing which is why I enjoy development

So that’s what I’ll be doing for now, when it’s done it’ll probably go up on here under a sub domain, fun fun fun fun.

Retro Space Command

So I made another game, quite a while ago now but I never wrote about it. I decided after making the same boilerplate code for a HTML5/Canvas game for the millionth time that I’ll actually make something.

I also made a retro looking TV screen, which I thought was cool, so I decided to make a retro looking space exploration game.

I kinda made it, well, tried to make it look like a old CRT TV with the scan lines and everything, not sure how well that turned out but I’m happy with the end result.

I’ve uploaded it to itch.io, if you want to play, controls are WASD cos arrow keys make the page move.

It started out with just planets in a sort of endless exploration game, I did have a bunch of trouble getting the planets to spawn right, so they wouldn’t be too close to each other, which sounds not hard at all, just check around the x and y positions for another planet and boom, but for some reason I could not get it to work for a while.

After that I decided to add fuel stations and a fuel system that would run out and end the game, the fuel stations are placed randomly around the map. With that I decided to call it done and ship it, by which I mean upload it to Itch.

Then I decided it wasn’t done, so I added a bunch of mines that would spin in place and make the player explode it they hit it, adding another loss condition.

I decided to add another thing, which was just telling the player they’ve won if they managed to discover every single planet in the game, which you know, would make you a sadist.

Space Wars

So a while ago I made a game in Java, called Space War.
It’s turn based, you select your actions (all shields? all weapons? mixture? heal?), then the AI does, then it plays out.

Well to be honest with you it would probably work better as a multiplayer game, but multiplayer is annoying to code so, not yet.

Well it’s sorta the most polished thing I’ve done in a long time. But since Java getting a little antiquated for games, in my opinion (Don’t @ me)

So I started using Godot (gud doe? go dot? Whatever.) So far so good, I can do stuff in it that I couldn’t do/didn’t think about in Java, like making the planets a random colour on start.

You’d think with all the assets made and basically having to copy the mechanics over that it would be fast.


Sorta losing motivation to complete it for reasons that I have no idea about. Not sure, but I’m hoping to put it out there when it’s done, hopefully someone will play it and i’ll get some nice feedback

Screenshot above is what the main part looks like so far, In future I’ll probably write something so only complimentary colours go with each other, since right now it’s possible to have two entirely similar colours.

Been a while, not that anyone reads this

So it’s been a while.

I’ve sorta had a mental block on thinking of stuff I actually want to make, which sorta turned me off doing any sort of programming or game dev for a while

So I’ve tried to get inspiration watching YouTube videos of other peoples projects hoping it’ll give me some sort of inspiration.

I’ve started playing with Godot, which so far seems like a great engine, weirdly enough I always thought it was just a bunch of C++ Libraries for some reason, not entirely sure why since I’ve never heard much about it until now, guess I just decided in my head that it was.

So I’m just following some tutorials right now about how to actually use Godot, seems to have a python-clone library which is handy since I’ve been making some small stuff in Python since Java is really starting to age badly since the whole “no more applet’s” thing

Creative Block?

Sorta feel lost creatively.

I don’t know if it’s burn out or what but I don’t feel excited about the project I’m working on.

I did want to try a 2 month cycle of developing a base game for 1 month and then polishing it up for 1 month, like I did with the space war game, that seemed to go well.

I’m working on an RTS because I always try to make one then give up as soon as the slightest roadblock hits, usually that’s trying to figure out how the hell fog of war is supposed to work.

But so far things are going well, path finding is working, units can be spawned and can move, the map is sorta ridiculously huge right now. 1024×1024 tiles of 24×24 each.

I’ve got a long way to go to getting this thing even remotely playable, think AI is going to be a nightmare since I have to think of different behaviours it would need to follow. Probably the classic three, Ultra-aggressive, Ultra-Defensive and Balanced .